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Reproducibility of the Functional Movement Screen test of the norman amateur rugby player

Guillaume Galliou1,2, Hélène Quetel Destres2, Bastien Agullo3
1 Université de Poitiers, Laboratoire CeRCA CNRS UMR 7295, Poitiers, France
2 Kiné Caen Sud, Caen, France
3 Cabinet de Kinésithérapie, Conches-en-Ouche, France
Introduction: Rugby is one of the most traumatic sports with a very high number of injuries,
during competitions or training, compared to other contact sports. These injuries affect the
field of action of the Physiotherapist (PT) because they often concern the musculoskeletal
field. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) appeared as a scale evaluating the athlete's
impaired movement through 7 functional movements that require stability, mobility, strength,
and balance. If this scale is presented as a scale for evaluating impaired movement, it
appears to some authors as a possible indicator of the risk of injury. The aim of this study is
to search the inter and intra operator reproducibilities and their correlations with the risk of
injury in amateur rugby players.
Method: A prospective study of rugby players was conducted from September 2023 to
March 2023. Two raters administrated the test separately to study inter-rater reproducibility.
One of the two evaluators ran the test a second time to determine intra-evaluator
reproducibility. An injury survey will be conducted to observe the correlation between FMS
results and injury. The notation used is that described by Cook.
The secondary objective of this study is to determine the correlation between the FMS score
and injuries over the season. We will take into account the average of the results of the two
evaluators during the first evaluation and compare them to the injuries via the Spearman
coefficient. All the data were written in securised Excel ® spreadsheet. All the data were
performed with Jasp ®.
Results: The population targeted in this study covered 61 subjects in order to obtain a very
high-quality study, according checklist COSMIN. To study the inter operator reproducibility,
the calculated intraclass correlation coefficient is 0.908 (p = …., IC 95[0.851-0.944]). To
study the inter operator reproducibility, the calculated intraclass correlation coefficient is
0.828 (p = …., IC 95[0.698-0.906]).Despite our necessary number of volunteers, we can’t
found a correlation between results of FMS and numbers of injuries.
Discussion and conclusion: The reproducibility of the FMS should be statistically excellent
which would allow us to conclude that the FMS can be applied by different physiotherapists
in amateur rugby. The correlation between FMS score and injury is not proven: in the current
state, this test has no place in the detection of injuries, in amateur rugby. Post-hoc analyses
are conducted to assess the performance of the player based on the fms score
Trial registration: NCT05535153 (
KEYWORDS: functional movement screen; rugby; injury.

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